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Read your messages, seriously. Read them. You miss important information that you are held accountable for in terms of schedules, vital consumer program instructions, business office functions and a variety of other notices. Failure to be informed of vital consumer information could cause you and the agency to be deemed negligent. We have been aware that many of you use your cell phone to access Accel Trax to report work. You need to be aware that unless you, 1. use IE browser and 2. use it as a desktop version, or log in with the device Havar has supplied you may be bypassing messages sent to you by your supervisor, the business office and our Executive Director. We cannot make Accel Trax and Provide work with every OS platform used by the vast variety of phones and devices in general use out there. Understand that you miss important information about your role and responsibility to your consumer. Understand that you miss specific instructions for the Health and Welfare of our consumers. Understand that you miss information about benefits from the business office. Understand you may be missing opportunities to receive incentive pay. Understand that you miss required training to keep you in compliance with Ohio Dept of DD certification to be able to work in this field. Understand that you are still responsible for the information sent to you in messages and failure to carry out your responsibilities is subject to disciplinary action. Understand that failure to follow consumer specific instructions could make you negligent and subject to MUI charges and dismissal. Read your messages.